Our approach to ESG and sustainability risk explained

1. Purpose

  • Supporting our fiduciary responsibility

  • Identifying financial risks associated to the companies we invest in

  • Identifying activist targets as opportunities for value creation

  • We commit to using our voice to effect positive change


2. Approach

  • We have a policy and governance structure

  • We actively exercise our stewardship with the companies we invest in

  • Preference for engagement over exclusion

  • We review external data and companies ESG metrics and zone in on themes

  • We do not try to simply “tick the box” but seek to achieve change


3. Actions & Support

  • Communications to invested companies, including during proxy season

  • Central to the investment process and thesis

  • Reporting to investors


4. Impact & Achievements

  • Create market debate and proxy projects

  • Several tangible results achieved in campaigns, including settlement with chemical company Solvay on the environmental controversy in one of their soda ash plants

  • Firm level commitments

  • Bluebell is a signatory of the United Nations supported Principles for Responsible Investment (“PRI”), an investment framework which aligns with our own sustainability initiative, to help support sustainability and environmental responsibility globally